India (Marathi) / 2019 / Colour / 90 min.

WRITER/DIRECTOR: Mahendra Teredesai

ACTORS: Sandeep Kulkarni, Rajeshwari Sachdev, Amol Parashar


The middle class of the country often prides on teaching their next generation how sometimes earning lot of money is way to rotten relationships, unhappy state of mind and inflated sense of self. To a point where GenX become nauseous to the idea of earning money. The ego of middle class man revolves around  the motto that: ‘He do not care for money’

A simple, Maharashtrian , middle class gentleman Anant Velankar, raised with similar values, once stumbles upon a chance to hit a jackpot. While he is still prodding over this idea, it simply slips away from his hands. But later on the same possibility confronts him in stark daylight. At first, this sudden flow of cash enchants him, but soon after, not only him but also his wife, brother and daughter start reaping the joys from this unexpected huge amount. Soon the comforts starts turning into thorns, which startles Velankar back into reality, but until he wakes up from his sweet dream lot of water has flown under the bridge.

All the exit passageways have been blocked by now. On Velenkar’s retrospection of  this chapter of his life, he  realizes he has lost battle to himself, he stands up and collects himself and decides to move back to his roots. But is he successful in this profound journey??

Dombivli Return beautifully tracks a journey of one man, where every (such) man where every middle class person can see his own reflection.

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