Tagaru 31.03. – 14:00h

Tagaru 31.03. – 14:00h

Tagaru, R.: Duniya Soori, mit Shiva Rajkumar, Manvitha, Bhavana, Dhananjay, Vashishta N Simha, Devaraj; Producer: K P Srikanth, Music:  Charan Raj – OV – Kannada

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This is the film directed by Duniya Soori with Hattrick Hero Shiva Rajkumar in the lead role. It has created a lot of curiosity during its post-production. As usual, the movie buffs, especially Shiva Rajkumar’s fans were very eager to watch this film. However, the film released at a number of theatres across the state and it has succeeded in meeting the expectations of cine-goers.

If the huge gatherings at each of the theatres and their enthusiasm and response while watching Tagaru are any indications, it seems the audiences have welcomed it with open arms and it is set to create a record in Sandalwood.

The specialty of Duniya Soori is his ability in narrating a simple and ordinary story interestingly.

Soori has narrated the story with aplomb. The uniqueness of Tagaru is it has all elements such as a vicious don, a strict police officer, mafia that exploits innocent women, rowdy elements, politics and police but it will not identify with any one of these elements. The director has narrated the script without any hassles. One will not have any doubt while watching this film. It is the specialty of Soori.

Shiva Rajkumar played a completely different role in this film. Shivanna’s performance has the potential to have more and more fans for him.

The added attraction of Tagaru is the performance of Dhananjay. It may not be an exaggeration to say that the real potential of Dhananjay is showcased with this character in the film. This film will give the much-needed break for Dhananjay in Sandalwood. He will definitely become a busy artiste in Kannada film industry.

Mahendra Simha, who worked as a cameraman for a few art films, has done a good job behind the camera. The other interesting thing is the background music. Music director Charan Raj has scored a different music for this film.

Stunt master Jolly Bastin has done a good job in the climax. Choreography for the title song is very good. Dr Nagendra Prasad’s lyrics are good.

Though there are some mistakes, the audiences need not to give much importance to such small mistakes.

All in all, director Soori has succeeded in making this film worth watch by mass as well as class audiences.

(Quelle: Cinibuzz)

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