Berlin Kannada Balaga is inviting you for a sensational sandalwood movie – Rangitaranga which will be screened on 1st of August at 11;00am. This is the first Kannada movie (Indian) to be screened in Berlin, Germany.
Samstag, 01.08.2015, 11:00, IndoGerman Film, RangiTaranga, Ind. 2015, R: Anup Bhandari mit Nirup Bhandari, Avantika Shetty, Rahika Chethan and Saikumar, Musik: Anup Bhandari, 149min., Kannada with english subtitles
RangiTarangaGautam, a novelist leads a reclusive life in Ooty. Gautam’s latest novel is titled RangiTaranga, a word which might hold the key to his past. Indu, a soft natured girl, paints the cover pages of all Gautam’s novels. Sandhya, a self proclaimed journalist, is in search of an anonymous writer who goes by the pen name “ANASHKU”. Unforeseen circumstances lead Gautam to Indu’s ancestral home in the village of Kamarottu. Upon his arrival in Kamarottu, he befriends the post master, Kalinga, and the elderly school head master, Shankara. Gautam experiences a lot of strange occurrences and his investigation into these incidents irks the powerful men in the village. Meanwhile, Sandhya’s trail leads her to Kamarottu. And then, the unexpected happens



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