Mr. Local

Mr. Local

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Mr. Local, Ind 2019, Regie: M.Rajesh mit Sivakarthekeyan, Nayanthara, Raadhika Sarathkumar, Yogi Babu, 156 Min., OmeU (tamil)





The film begins in a jail in Paris, where a prisoner named Manohar (Sivakarthikeyan), who is from Chennai, India, has just been released on bail provided by the Indian Embassy. Before his release, he tells the jail warden about how he ended up in the Paris jail.


Manohar is a middle-class youth who worked as a salesperson in KUN Hyundai managed by Kuthala Sithambaram (Robo Shankar). One day, he met with a minor accident involving Keerthana Vasudevan (Nayanthara), who is a television serial producer. Keerthana is an arrogant woman and very soon developed a hatred for Manohar, who constantly irritated her with his antics. Keerthana’s hatred for Manohar was such that she bought the KUN Hyundai showroom only to fire him, and even went to the extent of firing Sithambaram and Manohar’s friend Raja (Sathish) just because they opposed her decision of terminating Manohar. Manohar soon developed romantic feelings for Keerthana, but this only increased the friction between the two. Later, Keerthana met with an accident and was admitted to the hospital by Manohar, who even donated blood to her to save her life. Keerthana, who appeared grateful to Manohar for his gesture, invited him to Paris to meet her aunt and uncle and spend a few days with them, but this turned out to be a trap hatched by Keerthana to get rid of Manohar once and for all. Keerthana spoke ill of Manohar’s family, which caused him to get angry and slap her. For this reason, he had been arrested.


In the present day, following his release, Manohar borrows the warden’s motorbike to meet Keerthana before leaving for India. He sees Keerthana being chased by goons led by her fiancé Ashwin (Narayan Lucky) since she had called off the engagement after finding out that Ashwin is a transgender man and a misogynist as well. Manohar saves Keerthana from Ashwin and his goons, after which he leaves for India. It is at this juncture that Keerthana realises that she too loves Manohar. She returns to Chennai a few days later and accepts Manohar’s love.


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