Inshallah, Football
Freitag, 17.02.2017, 19:30
im Anschluss indisches Essen und Gespräch mit der Produzentin

Filmscreening foollowed by Indian Dinner and Q&A with the producer

Ind. 2010, R.: Ashvin Kumar, Documentary, OmeU, 80 Min.
Inshallah, Football is a documentary film by Ashvin Kumar about an aspiring footballer who was denied the right to travel abroad on the pretext that father was a militant in the 1990s. The film was completed in 2010, and has faced difficulties getting released in India. The film’s first screening in India at the India Habitat Center received this review from Tehelka magazine, ‘Kumar’s camera catches the irony of Kashmir’s physical beauty, the claustrophobia of militarisation, the dread and hopelessness of children born into war and the nuances of relationships. It also filters the inherent joie-de-vivre of youth, even if that flows uneasily with Kashmir’s collective memory of unmitigated grief…There is no better way to understand Kashmir right now.’.The film was shot by Kumar himself using five different camera formats “There is a rough, almost unpolished, feel to Inshallah, Football. The narrative runs unfettered, with an energy of its own.” says Tehelka, “We shot with five different cameras, from DSLRs to the best equipment. The idea was to watch life unfold and get under the skin of the audience.” adds Kumar.