In talk with Julia Jarl, Marta Kraus & Jitendra Mishra

In talk with Julia Jarl, Marta Kraus & Jitendra Mishra

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IndoGerman Film’s LiveTalk in Association with AMIKAL & Radio Apna Frankfurt

We speak with Julia Jarl , Festival Director BUFF-Malmo, Sweden, Jitendra Mishra , Producer, Promoter and Festival Director SIFFCY, India and Marta Kraus , Festival Director KINOLUB, Author and Producer of national audiovisual education programme, Poland about how Children & Youth have been coping with Covid-19 across the globe and the Initiatives by children/youth film festivals and organizations during Corona Pandemic as well as future plans of the Children and Youth Filmfestival Directors.

Julia Jarl is the festival director at BUFF Film Festival, the largest film festival for a young audience in Sweden since 2012. She believes that stories told from a young perspective, enrich and challenge people of all ages. Before BUFF Julia worked at Film in Skåne a resource and production centre for film in the region of Skåne, southern Sweden.

Jitendra Mishra is one of the few Indian film producers & promoters who have been able to create a benchmark in ‘Alternative method of Film Production, Distribution & Promotion’ on an international level. Committed towards meaningful cinema, Jitendra has already been associated with the production, distribution and promotion of more than 100 films in different categories in various capacities. Jitendra is the festival director of the leading children & youth film festival in India- SIFFCY since it’s inception. His recent feature film ‘The Last Color’ directed by Michelin Starred Chef Vikas Khanna has already been selected in more than 50 international film festivals and received more than 15 different awards as of now including the audience award at IndoGerman Filmweek 2019. The film has been qualified for the 92nd Academy Awards – Oscar 2019 best picture contention list.

Marta Kraus – The director of the Children’s Film Festival in Krakow, from 2014 & currently the director of the International Film Festival for Children and Youth KINOLUB. She is the author and producer of national audiovisual education programme for teachers and tutors. Marta has many years of experience in project management and consulting in the audiovisual, educational and social development sectors. Since 2016 in charge of the Podkarpackie Film Commission and Podkarpackie Regional Film Fund, she is responsible for the international promotion of the region’s film potential and the establishment and growth of local creative industry.

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