2018 / 93 min, OmeU – IND.

DIRECTOR: Kamak hya Nayara n Singh

ACTORS: Devesh Ranjan, Saveree Gaur, Nalneesh Neel


Bhor tells the story of Budhni (Saveree Gaur), an ‘untouchable’ girl who wants to pursue her education but is married off despite not being of legal age. Her groom Sugan (Devesh Ranjan), though, is a doting husband, who agrees to let her continue school and she tops in their district, earning attention from the government. But the lack of a toilet in her husband’s home becomes a big cause of concern for her.

Budhni refuses to wake up before dawn and accompany the rest of the village women to the fields to defecate. Her goal to have a toilet in her home slowly turns into a national movement. (Quelle: Cinestaan)

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