Samstag 2. April 2016, 16:30 Uhr

Bhagyaraj, Ind. 2016, Drama, 2 hrs 10 mins, R.: Deepak Madhuvanahall mit Mahesh, Jahnavi Kamath, Arrohita, Nataraj, Nagendra Sha

Bhagyaraj, a simple tale, which hovers around two laypersons falling in love in a fictional town named Ramapattana. Set in 2003, the film is devoid of the frills of the usual commercial stories and instead dwells around the dream of a young man wanting to buy his lover a rich birthday present, also highlighting his aspirations of making it big in life through his habit of buying lottery tickets.

While on one hand it is a small, rustic tale of love and aspirations, the treatment and situations make it no short of the best cinema noir attempts from India. There’s the innocent love, simple aspirations and bright dreams on one side, which are threatened by grey situations, dark temptations and certain uneasy truths.

Cast: Mahesh, Jahnavi Kamath, Arrohita, Nataraj, Nagendra Sha
Direction: Deepak Madhuvanahalli
Genre: Thriller